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A+ EPOXY RESINS - Water, Fire, and Rust-Resistant and a whole lot more!

One box of A+ treats 250 square feet. A+ mixes with any water-based paint to make each room resistant to Fire, Mold, Mildew, Fungus, and Algae. Hotels and Apartment buildings should use A+ to treat hallways and stairwells to make them resistant to fire in order to provide an increase in evacuation time. A+ increases evacuation time during a fire from 5 minutes to 20 minutes!! A+ is also a roof, wall, and floor sealant, preventing leaks and moisture. A+ is also resistant to Corrosion when applied to ANY metal. A+ has zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and forms a barrier against Lead paint. According to tests conducted by ASTM International, A+ improves the integrity of the building from cracks, fissures, and possible building collapse. A+, when mixed with any grade cement increases the strength by 350%, a regular bag of cement with a psi of 1800 was increased to 6300 psi when A+ was added.

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MAVOA Wound & Skincare Specially Developed for the Trade Professional

Add Mavoa to your tool bag today and experience the soothing effects on your hands when used after a hard day's work. Mavoa soothes and quickly reduces the recovery time of cuts, abrasions, burns and bumps.

Australia's best kept secret, Mavoa releases the powers of Our Australian manuka honey formula. Wounds recover within 2-6 days or in half their recovery period. Order a tub for $29.95 and receive a second pocket- sized tub for only $14.95. Order now, or inquire at

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Mavoa Wound Pet Formula for All Animals - Stop Wounds from Determining the Fate of Your Pets!

Purchase a 3 oz. For 29.95 and receive this 1 oz. Pocket size for only $14.95. Mavoa soothes and heals the hands, legs and feet from cuts, abrasions, burns and soreness. A Therapeutic experience for the hands! Order now.

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Solar HET Toilet Flushometer

Solar toilet flushometer saves on water and electricity providing hygiene and savings.

Due to the high internet demand, please call to place your order as well, toll free, 1-844-446-7312. Call about waterproofing with A+, 1-347-609-9684.

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Solar HEU Urinal Flushometer

Solar urinal flushometer saves on water and electricity providing hygiene and savings.

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10 Seconds Dry Time - Adjustable speed and sound control - Variable heat-high, medium, low and off. - 95% cost savings vs. paper towels - 80% Less energy than conventional hand dryers - Green Spec Listed and helps quality for several LEED credits. - Over a decade of proven performance - Made in USA certified - 5 year limited warranty - A hygienic hand drying solution - Virtually maintenance free

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LED Fluorescent Lamp

Our LED fluorescent lamp saves 32 to 40% in energy compared to the regular fluorescent bulb, and lasts for 35,000 to 40,000 hours; Increase your bottom line now. Ideal for Office Buildings, Universities/schools, Medical Offices, hospitals, retail stores, garages and airports. Screws in directly easily, no tools needed.

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LED A19 Household Bulb

LED A-19 household bulb boasting 81% in energy savings compared to the regular bulb. Our bulb lasts for 50,000 hours. Applications: Downlight - Indoor/exhibition light - Display lighting - Home lighting - Compatible with lamp and E26 base. Follow on Twitter @decorsenergydev for ways to save on energy costs now!!

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LED MR-16 Bulb

Extremely energy efficient with 88% energy savings. Our MR-16 lasts for 40,000 hours. Compare our bulb price and life/hours to the major brands. Applications: - Down or Spot light - Entertainment lighting - Display lighting - Accent lighting - Compatible with halogen MR 16.